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The OFVA provides information to parents, healthcare providers, teachers and others working with children about children's vision. Children also can learn more about their eyes and eye exams through the information we provide to teachers.

Eye care for those who can't afford it:

Navigating through the application process of assistance programs can be overwhelming for caregivers, school nurses and other advocates for children. The OFVA was established in 2003 to serve as a clearinghouse of assistance programs for those who need financial help to provide eye care to children. The OFVA has one short application form, used to match eligible children with available assistance programs or in some cases provide the funds ourselves. This replaces filling out multiple requests and provides a quick response – applicants typically receive an answer in a month.

Helping Oregon's Kids See

Untreated vision problems can affect a child for life, yet a simple exam can detect serious eye conditions. With proper treatment, these conditions can be corrected.

Unfortunately, many children have never had an eye exam. The best way to ensure that a child will be able to see for life is to schedule an exam.

The OFVA offers resources, including a list of programs, and financial assistance for those who can't afford an eye exam.